11 August 2016

Welcome to Rio!

27 thefts in Rio de Jeneiro Olympic village. No wonder there are hardly any people attending the Olympic games, if this is the crime that happens on a daily basis.

My only question would be, why isn't there a visible police force to whip these street children into behaving??? Not many of the male victims fought back...... 

02 August 2016

Germany: Muslim immigrant shouts out his desires....

Apparently this lovely, sane, and totally non in-bred Muslim immigrant to Germany, says he wants rape 'kaffir' German women. I just can't see why people are getting upset that these lovely men are invading Europe. He is such a great addition to Western civilisation.....

01 August 2016

Wales: Imam says it's ok to have female slaves and rape them

An Imam has told his congregation in Wales that war is approaching and Islam allows them to take women as slaves and rape them.

Again with rape and Muslims...

What is it with these goat-farkers that all they think about is sex? They are the first to declare they are pure and above every other religion, but they can't stop talking about sex, rape and homosexuality. 

There is a school of thought that Islam is the home of homosexuality. What they preach most against, is what they practice in private. I tend to agree. Boys are routinely sexually abused by older Muslim males in communities; then these males grow up and repeat the cycle. To them it is normal behaviour. It's not "true" homosexuality, you understand, but culturally acceptable practices...... 

In Afghanistan, young boys dressed as females dance for older Muslim males. Goodness knows what happens to these boys at the end of the dancing.... The practice of sexual perversion with these boys is known as bacha bazi. Of course, the media in the West refuses to highlight this child abuse in Muslim countries - to them it's cultural and not actual sexual abuse. 

But, if that practice was done by White males, then that would be child abuse, you understand....

It's called double standards. The White Christian race is held to a much higher standard compared to other races and religions. It's all part of the cultural Marxist grand plan to destroy Western civilisation. Their main attack is to force draconian cultures, religions and 3rd world races onto White populations around the world. 

Whites are not allowed to have peaceful, homogeneous societies these days. That would be racist. 

This Marxist grand plan is known as 'multi-culturalism'.

It's been a abject failure, of course. You simply can't expect people from backward cultures to magically assimilate into more mature and superior cultures. That's why the Marxist's haven't forced these people to assimilate - instead they allow them to form their own ghetto's within the host country, and then blame the host culture for not doing more to assimilate the barbarians. 

Then they take money from the hosts to pay for the support of the invading barbarians - who will eventually end up out-breeding and race-replacing them. Quite a scheme.... and scam. And all the while, the host population has to lower their standards, expectations, way of life, and cultural identity, to embrace the invaders. And put up with the extra crime, rape and death.

So, the Imam is correct. War is coming. A cultural war. Maybe a second Crusade. A war where the White race will be forced to stand up for their people, or die-off. Oh the horror! But this time, there are no brave White males, selling off their lands and assets to go join the Crusades and fight for their religion and way of life, and protect their women-folk. 

These days, Europe is full of atheist effeminate girly-boys preaching kumbaya, ready to willingly lie and die on the altar of political correctness. 

How the mighty have fallen. Europe is losing to the Muslims. The continual onslaught is having an effect. Just the other day, after 84 people were mowed down by an Islamic goat-farker in Nice, the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that France is going to have to live with terrorism. 

In other words, France has imported the problem, forced it on the French people, and now they will have to live with the results caused by government...

Merkel last week said that, despite all the unhappiness of the German citizens with the invasion of 2+ million Muslims into Germany over the last year and a half, Germany needs to keep importing the filthy vermin. Merkel, the previous East German gestapo member, has waited for years to destroy Germany. This idiot should have been stopped in her traitorous tracks months ago - instead, the German people worry about their reputation, and guilt linking back to their Nazi-Hitler days. 

It's amazing to see. Such an intelligent people paralysed by political correctness. A German family member living in the country said to me the other day that they know Merkel is doing wrong, but they don't want to replace her because she's done a lot of good for Germany....

Yes, that is the level of stupidity in Germany these days. They will tolerate their leader destroying the country, because she once did something good. It's like saying that you like your murderer, because he once fed you....

So it is no wonder why these Imams dare to stand up in Western countries and preach about slavery and rape of White woman. They know they have nothing to fear from the quivering Europeans. Muslims don't respect us because we don't respect ourselves. We would rather attack our own people for calling out political correctness, rather than attack the core issue. 

We would rather blame girls for being raped, rather than the rapist, because you may offend the rapist.

That is the new normal for our White societies. We have allowed the cultural Marxists living among us, to destroy our souls, our sense of self, and our self-respect. We have allowed these traitors to infiltrate our media, schools and other government-controlled institutions. 

We have allowed them to dictate to us how we should live, how we should think, and what we should believe. We have given them power over us.  

They have gladly built our coffins and are busy honing the final nails.  

And we have allowed them - out of fear.

So, that's where we are. Do not be surprised one day to wake up and see our Western females wearing the hijab. Just so they can leave their homes in safety. As is already happening in Sweden. 

Do not be surprised when you wake up one day and your local church is a mosque. 

Because, remember - when people leave Christianity, as has been encouraged for decades now, a vacuum is formed and that vacuum must be filled. Islam is that vacuum-filler. Our societies have been convinced by the cultural Marxists that God is a myth - just an imaginary pixie in the sky. What we have failed to remember, is that Christianity served a vital role in civilising our societies. It did more good than bad - contrary to popular belief. It helped our societies become cohesive, safe and civil -and gave us laws to live by - and without that common bond, we have nothing gluing us together.

That is why wherever Christianity fails, the underworld takes over. Abortions, sexual freedom, perversion, disrespectful youth.....follow.

United we stand, divided we fall. 

And that, dear children, is why Islam is winning. They are strong and united against our godless communities, and they will prevail.

And that is the end.

USA: Reparations site for White guilt

Great news for all you kumbaya White Liberals out in the world, who are just itching to put salve on your White-guilt abscesses. There is a new website called "Reparations.me" in America tailor-made all for you!

From the founder, Natasha Marin:
"I invite People of Color to ask for what we need to feel better, be happier, be more productive by posting in this space. These may be both material and immaterial requests.
I invite people who identify as White to offer services or contributions to People of Color in need of time, energy, substantive care, and support."
Isn't that cute? Ms Marin invites Blacks to "ask for what they need to feel better and happier.....", and for White people to offer "services or contributions" to make these Blacks feel better and happier.

Who knew Whites has such power as to make Blacks happier and more productive??

How about what White people need to be happier, better and more productive, Ms Marin? Such as not having IQ67 Blacks living near them, sucking off their taxes, and a crime-free environment?? A place where White kids can play in safety; a place where they can go to school learning at their level and not the dumbed-down level to accommodate Blacks? A place where these kids can go to university on merit and not skin-colour? A place where White girls don't get harassed and sexually attacked by testosterone-fueled Black males? Or is all that too much to ask, Ms Marin??

When you can organise that for us, let me know. Until then, you can shove your White-guilt website where the sun don't shine, get your fellow eternal-victim Blacks to learn at school, find a job and pay their own frigging way. Stop stealing taxes from the productive, industrious and decent Whites in the form of 'welfare' and get off your own lazy asses and make a positive contribution to society. Maybe that would make you a lot happier, better and more productive. Just a random thought!

There's a lot more I'd like to say to Ms Marin, but I've got to go work to pay my taxes so that the lazy, unproductive and moochers can have a good life off of my hard work.

Yours sincerely, 

Ms Marin - an unhappy, unproductive moocher begging Whites to change her....

21 July 2016

Venezuela: The long march to...... food

I had a reader on my blog a few years back, who worshipped Chavez. Thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. I'd love for that reader to comment here now about how Venezuela is travelling these days, as it goes through the final throes of the joys of Socialism/Communism.....

Venezuelans cried at the sight of fully-stocked supermarket shelves in Colombia.

Venezuelans marching into Colombia for food......

USA: Lyin' Ted gets booed off stage

The petulant, sneaky, slippery snake that is Lyin' Ted Cruz, got booed off stage at the RNC convention today. And it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Cruz refused to endorse Trump during his sanctimonious speech. This from a guy who purports to be a Christian. He couldn't even stand by his pledge - signed months ago by all 17 GOP candidates - to support the eventual nominee. Nope, instead he said that people should vote, up and down the ballot paper, with their conscience. In other words, he thinks Hillary Clinton is fit to be POTUS.

Sell-out traitor. True to form.

Cruz needs to go back to Canada, where he was born. He clearly does not love his supposed 'country'. Maybe Canada will better suit his sensibilities. 

I have to admit that I couldn't watch this smarmy slithering snake's speech - I just forwarded to the end where the crowd chants "we want Trump" when they realise he isn't going to endorse - and then they rightly boo the Benedict Arnold off stage. 

If anyone didn't expect this from Cruz, then they haven't been paying attention to him. He has told everyone in very clear terms just what his character is - or rather, his lack of character. I'm just amazed at the level of stupidity that is a Cruz-bot supporter.

In any case, this was another master stroke by Trump. Trump had read Cruz's speech prior to him giving it, so he knew there would be no endorsement. That's why Trump was on the convention floor, waving to the crowd as they booed Cruz off stage. When Cruz was booed off stage, it was the end of his political career. No one in their right minds would trust this lyin' snake in future. Someone who insulted the crowd, when he couldn't put his ego aside and do the right thing for America.

And Trump looks the bigger man. He invited Cruz to address the convention - when he didn't have to - and Cruz chose to put on an empty suit and show what a small man he is.

Cruz got Trumped. Again.

Here is the moment he poured petrol over himself and lit the match....

Here is Cruz pledging to support Trump if he's the nominee.

Trump was 100% correct with the moniker he gave Cruz..... Lyin' Ted

The war on cops

Stephen Molyneux did me a favour on his Freedom Radio show and interviewed Heather Mac Donald yesterday, author of the book:  “The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe.”

Enjoy some more facts and truth. 

BTW - Stephen's dad lived in South Africa - not sure if his dad was South African - so I guess that's why he's so knowledgeable about SA and it's history. Not that this little fact has anything to do with the crux of this interview....

20 July 2016

USA: Crime, not a White problem

Americans, living in America, know who and what is responsible for the crime problem in the country. Even the who and what responsible people know who and what is responsible.

Just like South Africans living in South Africa know who commits most of the crime....

And that is why American Blacks embrace movements like Black Lives Matter (BLM). It's to hide their own guilt as to what their own race is achieving in America. Which is nothing, but crime. It's to rile up the stupid Black people, to get them 'angry' about all the 'racism' against them..... 

It's all they've got going for them. As if Whites cared enough.

At the end of the day, Black Lives Matter is just another Marxist wolf in sheep's clothing, but their followers haven't worked that one out yet. 

For BLM followers, it's all about deflection. Blame others for what you yourself are guilty of doing. And repeat the lie often enough so that the media can use those lies to sell as truth. You can refer to the interview on CNN with Don Lemon HERE to see what I'm referring to. A few months back, Lemon was saying how Blacks need to take responsibility for their actions and most Blacks are killed by other Blacks. Fast forward a few months and he's now singing a completely different tune. His previous common sense views didn't get him noticed - but his new pro-BLM tone gets him plenty noticed.

At the end of the day, the Left-controlled media are the ones fuelling the anti-Cop narrative, because of two reasons:
Reason 1: The media gets to feed the nation and the world the lie that American cops are racist towards Blacks. That Blacks are the eternal victims of Whites - ergo, America is racist and needs to be destroyed. And what better way to do this than by attacking the cops who are the last line of defence for the ordinary citizen. 

Destruction of America is the Progressive/Marxist ultimate wet-dream. The media is one of their vehicles to achieve this goal.

Reason 2:  That same lie told by the media brings in the money $$. Stating the obvious doesn't sell airtime or newspapers or clicks to their websites.... hyping up the hate does.

And so what if some cops get killed in the process due to the media lies and drummed-up hysteria? After all, you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette, and the omelette the Left are busy making is called "American Destruction" with side orders of anarchy, mayhem and anti-White hatred.

Do you know what offends the Left the most?? 


To them the truth is like what sun is to vampires. 

It's why they turn to personal abuse and insults when they can't refute the truth or facts. To the Left, abuse and insults equals constructive argument. Just remember, the more they shout you down, the more on target you are.

And the best way to get at the Left is to keep telling the truth. And the best way to tell the truth is to arm yourself with the facts. And a sense a humour. They hate that.

So, on that point, HERE is an excellent summary of just who and what is committing most of the murders and doing the most crime in America. Go ahead and read it. It may explain why Blacks go out onto the streets to chimp-out and play the victim of White "racism", when they KNOW it's their own people doing the crime and who are the biggest racists. 

They live it daily. They breath it daily. They do it daily. School is too hard.

And this would explain why the media HAVE to peddle these lies as truth. What's a victim narrative without a victim?

From the linked post, it shows that:
'Chicago is 32% white, but they commit only 3.5% of the murders. Over 96% of the murders are committed by non-whites. Essentially, it is young black men murdering other black men. White people are not in the equation and are not part of the problem.'
Do you ever hear CNN discussing the crime and murder rates in Chicago? Do you ever hear Obama mention it, as he goes after the actions of cops and encourages more cop-killings?????

The answer would be: NO. 

And why not, you ask, scratching your head in confusion. Well, let's connect the dots for you. If they had to highlight all the crime and murder in Chicago, they would have to admit who is committing that crime. And then they would also need to point out that Democrats control that city, and have for decades - just as the Democrats control every major city with crime problems. And then they would need to mention that Chicago has very strict gun laws - which doesn't seem to be working, seeing as Blacks keep shooting and killing other Blacks, DESPITE all those anti-gun laws. Apparently, criminals still manage to get their hands on guns. Funny that, huh?

So, then, there goes Obama and the Left's "Whites are killing us/Whites are racist" narrative. There goes their "Republicans are bad and evil" narrative". And there goes their "more gun control is needed to stop killings" narrative. 

Admitting what's going on in Chicago would be like opening a very small can containing a trillion worms - which they dare not even pick up!

Obama's holier than thou, tone-deaf, mean-nothing, anti-cop, anti-gun speeches would show him for the hollow IQ67 kneegrow Community Organizer that he is, and the media would have a whole lot of omelette on their faces - seeing as they've been carrying his water for nearly 8 years now. 

Also from the link:
'There are approximately 8,000 gun related homicides annually in the U.S. The vast majority occur in the urban ghettos and are committed by blacks and hispanics against other blacks and hispanics. They use illegally acquired guns, so more gun laws will do nothing.' 
Up to 90% of the crime is committed by....... non-Whites. 

It also shows that the US national crime rate has dropped by half since the high of 1991, with violent crime dropping by 51%. 

So, most of the crime is being committed in the non-White ghettos of America - where Blacks kills Blacks. YET, Obama and the media keep feeding the lies that Black men are being harassed by the cops. If they are doing the most crime, then they would be in contact with the cops the most. Fact.

It's why I've always maintained that cops avoid going into these areas - leave them to kill each other in their ghettos. It's called population control. And only the strong and smart make it out alive (mostly). It may increase their average IQ. 

It also points to another lie from the Left - that guns are the problem in America. No, the exact opposite is true. 

There has never been more guns in the hands of American citizens (thanks Obama!) than today - and yet the crime and murder rates keep dropping. The truth is, the more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens, the more well-behaved the society. Would you, as a criminal, go into a house if you didn't know if there was a gun at the other end? Would you attack someone on the streets if you didn't know if they were carrying a gun? 

This simple truth explains why the days of the "Wild West" were the safest in America. Everyone carried a gun. Plus, there were fewer Blacks back then. And we all know Blacks and crime go hand in hand like Coke and Cola (truth alert!!).

Not that I'm only singling Blacks out, mind you. Any low-IQ racial group tend to be more violent. Think (non-White) Hispanics, think Australian Aborigines, think NZ Maori's, think Arabs (the in-bred Muzloid types). You will also find a higher crime rate among Whites with lower IQ's compared to average IQ'd Whites. That's why Whites tend to segregate from this group as well. It's not all about race....

So, there's your truth. Arm yourself and proclaim it loud and proud. And watch the Left cockroaches scurry from the light of truth and fact.

18 July 2016

CNN's Don Lemon gets crushed by Sheriff Clarke

I'm betting this is the last time Sheriff Clarke gets invited onto the Clinton News Network, CNN, to speak about the ape-group Black Lives Matters. This after ANOTHER 3 cops were killed in America. 

Don Lemon - the Black apologist and anti-White CNN 'journalist' - tried to shut Sheriff Clarke up every time Clarke made a good point.

Lemon looked like a fool - and he knows it. Hence why he wouldn't let Clarke get his points out. Clarke did a good job under the circumstances. I would not have been so cool. 

Islam - the long march through American institutions

A really good video, which links all the dots in the Obama administration back to the Muslim Brotherhood. As you may recall, the Arab Spring was instigated by Obama/Clinton, to replace certain governments in the Middle-East/North Africa. The big prize was of course Egypt, with Libya and Syria on the chopping board. Egypt was hand-delivered to the Muslim Brotherhood by Obama; however, the country was quickly taken back by the army and have now sided with Russia instead of the USA.

Similarly with Assad. Obama is desperate to hand it to the Muslim Brotherhood, but Russia is preventing him from doing so. 

Libya is a lost cause, with Obama assisting the MB to overthrow Qaddafi. Time will tell who ends up with the prize.

Paul Sutliff in the interview below, calmly states that Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood member. If you are surprised by this, then don't be. Most of his African family are members of the MB. He was the son of a Sunni Muslim and was brought up by an Indonesian Sunni Muslim. That death cult runs through his veins. 

And, if you take it one step further, then it makes sense as to why Obama has inserted Muslims into every department of government. Jeh Johnson (Homeland security) is probably a Muslim and part of the MB. So too John Brennan, head of the CIA. In fact, scratch beneath the surface and you'll find many MB members in the White House, including Hillary's most trusted confidant - Huma Abedin. Her mother is a founding member of the female version of the MB, and her father was a leader in the MB.

It all helps to understand just how Obama has managed to infiltrate the US government and sold America out to his Muslim overlords. All these Muslims need to do to destroy Western civilisation, is to tag along with the dumb-nut infantile stupid Lefties, to get where they need to go.....

It's only a matter of time before America and the world realise that they've been duped by a goat-shagging queer girly-man, named Obama.